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Evangelicals, Christians, whites, how do they all

By Blog Master
Posted: 09/01/2020
- Dick Myers -

Four recent articles [provide interesting perspectives on racism today.
The first article explains how white evangelicals participate in Trumpism. It points out the desperation that they are feeling, and the cynicism that Donald Trump exhibits in capturing their incredibly critical support that they are willing to provide to him.
The author examines the evangelical position within our political structure and shows its roots, it's threads, and its risks to itself and to the greater evangelical movement.

The second article points out and documents the connection between churches, (and not only evangelical churches, but focusing on evangelical) and racial prejudice. There is a direct connection here, and its roots can be found in or can be traced to the 1619 event that is the primary focus of our discussion. The message is about the deeply embedded racism in churches.

The third and fourth articles both represent a white individual's newly discovered awareness of their own biases and history. They are both reflections by white people about how whites contribute to the problem, and their new understanding, or perhaps greater understanding, of how they have participated in the culture and benefited from it. It is a change in the framework in their minds, and as such, it describes  an important step toward making some changes in this society to make it more like what we have mostly held up to be the goals and aspirations of our society.

These are all fascinating reflections and should contribute to everyone’s thinking about this important subject.

Change is taking place, and it is widespread and profound.

Join us and share your personal reaction to the change we are all experiencing.

Links to the articles:
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  2. contribution of religion
  3. 3rd Act, “Blinded by the White"
  4. Growing up white and racist
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