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Rap: Sorry To See You Go

By Sally Currie
Posted: 01/11/2022

In our recent 1619 Project Discussion Group meeting, Sally Currie introduced her first rap effort entitled, "Sorry To See You Go". We present it here for your enjoyment.



©Sally Currie   December 2021


When Eve picked the apple

And Adam bit in,

Together they created

Original sin

Centuries passed

And we “did it” a lot

And now behold the mess

That we’ve got

Too many people

Evil and greed

A virus raging

Reporters mislead

What was God thinking

To put us on earth

Who failed to appreciate

What it was worth?

Clean water and trees

And birds flying by

Lots of fine animals

To please your eye

The air we breathed

Was bracing and clean

Rain fell on fields

Fertile and green

Now it’s too late

I have to opine

We’ve crossed over

The critical line

And downward we’re lurching

Stupidity reigns

Huge losses outweigh

Our paltry gains

“Good-bye, lovely Earth

It’s sad but I know

I’ll die in a few years

Watching you go.


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