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The Power of Belief

By Sally Currie
Posted: 01/22/2022

Contributed by Sally Currie -


People don’t think

They believe

And belief is stronger

Than thought.

Look around you and see

The havoc that beliefs

Have wrought


Believing they were saving democracy

Fools committed a traitorous act

But they were enabling autocracy

They don’t understand that fact


Trusting dishonest leaders

They blindly accept the lies

When confronted and asked for details

They offer evasive replies.


Immune to seeing the evil

Beneath their virtuous stance

Our “patriots” continue cavorting

In a macabre dance


Hypnotically marching onward

Goose stepping in each mind

Those of us who still can think

Cry, “How can they be so blind!”


I could go on, but what’s the use

I cannot fight belief

When many loyal subjects

Still follow their tyrant chief




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