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My Muddle (With a Shout-out to Covid)

By Edward A. Rinderle
Posted: 06/23/2022

My Muddle (With a Shout-out to Covid) 


Submitted by Ed Rinderle, June, 2022 


I'm in a muddle.

My muddle's in a puddle.

I have a paddle, 

But my muddle and my paddle are trapped inside a bottle. 

I'm in a bottle paddle puddle muddle. 


There are tweedle beetles in the bottle.

They are always in a battle.

Tweedle beetles battle in my bottle paddle puddle muddle.

Am I a tweedle beetle?


The bottle's on a poodle.

The poodle doesn't care about my paddle puddle muddle.

He's too busy eating noodles. 

I'm in a poodle noodle tweedle beetle battle bottle paddle puddle muddle.

Or is it a tweedle beetle bottle battle poodle noodle puddle muddle?


I am so confused.


I cry for help to the Fox in Socks. 

She is blind to my puddle paddle bottle battle beetle tweedle noodle poodle muddle.


My last resort:

Calling Doctor Seuss . . . 








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