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The Ultimate Foodie

By Lora Harrington-Pride
Posted: 09/08/2022
Tags: lora harrington pride

The Ultimate Foodie


Lora Harrington-Pride


I identify with Oscar Wilde, author of, The Importance of Being Earnest,

where he tells us the purposes food serves for him.


What he said tells me that he, like me, is an emotional eater. I don’t eat because I am hungry. 

I rarely allow myself to reach that state.


Like Oscar, food, for me, meets and serves needs other than that of slaking my hunger.


If I am ill, it will make me feel better.

If I am lonely, it will comfort me.

If I am sad, it can elevate my feelings.

If I am angry, it can calm me.

If I am happy, it helps me to rejoice.

If I am worried, it can, for a while, vacate my mind of what concerns me.


I can’t think of any condition for which I can’t find a purpose for some kind of food.


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