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From the President

By Susan Kujawa
Posted: 11/27/2023
Tags: from the president

I love this time of year, with cooler days providing an excuse to bake cookies, sit in front of a warm fire, catch up with old friends. It’s also a time of year for memories and, naturally, some of those memories are bittersweet. It’s tempting sometimes to look back at our lives, remembering the “good old days,” friends and loved ones who are no longer with us, careers and achievements left behind.

This is why I am especially grateful for Pasadena Village. Our growing membership includes older adults from diverse backgrounds, some longtime local residents and some newly arrived to Southern California. You each bring your own story, with lots of chapters from the lives you’ve lived. But you are also here NOW, wanting to live your lives to the fullest, make new friends, deepen your knowledge, prepare for what the future will bring.

There is an energy to Pasadena Villagers, an openness, a sense of inquisitiveness that lifts me up, takes me away from old memories and inspires me to make the most of each moment. I’m grateful for each of you and thrilled we have created a community of support that benefits us all.

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