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Connecting with the Creative Hannah Rough-Shock

By Karen Bagnard
Posted: 10/24/2023
Tags: staff

You know that quiet young woman who expertly juggles many tasks on behalf of our wonderful Village? She’s louder than you might think!

Hannah has been an artist as far back as she can remember. While her parents were not artists, they had the wisdom to encourage the natural talents of their children. For Hannah, those childhood days of drawing and coloring have translated into more than a career as a freelance artist. She has a message and a calling in her work.

While experiencing the love and support and art materials from her parents, Hannah also experienced the anguish of bullying. In addition, she has struggled with mental illness most of her life.

This blending of love, support and adversity shaped a “calling” in Hannah’s art. Throughout her stories, her images create a statement of acceptance, respect and love of all beings that identify as “queer” (a term Hannah has taken back as a statement of power). Hannah’s stories arise from her own experiences. The underlying message in her story characters is her “act of peace” toward creating a better world for all of us.

In addition, she is giving voice to mental illness, a longtime taboo subject. By being open about this we give oxygen to healing. One might see her as a personification of the Japanese art form called “Kintsugi.” 

Hannah finds inspiration in media, especially when she sees what she can relate to in a very personal way. At the same time, she finds some of the emerging corporate practices in technology quite disturbing and dismissive of the value of artists and their work.

As a result of this, she said, “I am learning to love art again,” and she is focusing on the constant love of the process of creating art. She feels a sense of freedom when immersed in her creative work. Please view her website to learn more:

Hannah disclaims the notion that she is “quiet!” She says she is actually a pretty loud and boisterous person, and her friends and family will attest to that. What all we Villagers can say about Hannah is that she is a hardworking staff member who brings her creative spirit to every task.

Take some time to view and enjoy Hannah’s amazing art on the walls of our conference room. This exhibit will last through the holidays. If you missed her presentation in October, I hope that viewing her work, as well as reading this article will clue you in who that “quiet” woman is in our front office. As you get involved in volunteering on committees and task forces at the Village you will have the pleasure of getting to know Hannah even better.

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