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Schmoozendoodle Is "Serious" Fun!

By Karen Bagnard
Posted: 09/28/2023
Tags: small group gatherings

Villagers Jim Hendrick and I decided to start a playful monthly gathering called “Schmoozendoodle.” As Jim explains, “it is using art to create a fun, fanciful, open atmosphere for personal sharing. We develop art projects that focus on exploration and freedom.” He adds, “It’s all about the experience, with a focus on fun.”


Neither Jim nor I are therapists, but as artists, we can both assure you that creative energy has healing powers.  Research supports this. In addition, the approach to this gathering is really more about socializing and relaxing.  This is a stress-free, failure-proof event. 


Our culture does not often support the creative process, so many of us lack confidence in our artistic abilities. Jim and I lead Villagers on a fun-filled journey of discovering their inner artist.


These gatherings are usually on Saturday afternoons in my patio in Altadena. Villagers look for them each month when the calendar is posted, as attendance is limited. If you aren’t yet a Villager, consider joining so you can “Come for the doodle, stay for the schmooze!

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