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Men's Time Brunch

By Edward A. Rinderle
Posted: 08/28/2023
Tags: men's time, small group gatherings

On the second Tuesday of each month, a group of men from Pasadena Village meets at the scenic Brookside Country Club's restaurant for a monthly brunch. Around 11 am, they gather around a cluster of three or four tables, each seating up to six. The men are there both to dine and to enjoy one another's company. By meeting as early as 11, they can choose either breakfast or lunch from an extensive menu. The food is outstanding, with such sumptuous options as Eggs Benedict, Avocado Toast, Arroyo Seco Quesadillas, and Mushroom Goat Cheese Flatbread Pizza. Friendly servers take and deliver each order with a smile.

The brunches have no agenda; their purpose is just to enjoy great food and conversation together, and non-members are welcome to join them and learn more about the Village. Long-time Villager Pat Dawe describes the brunches this way: “Our brunches provide a great forum for us to get into depth in discussions with each other, over a good lunch. There is invariably good humor, free flowing viewpoints, and especially time for us to get into some depth with each other as we learn about each other’s life experiences and what we are doing now in our busy lives. Without agendas or fixed topics, we jump into whatever’s happening with us and go from there.”

As for myself, at a brunch soon after my wife died suddenly, several of the men rose in turn from their tables and came to me to express condolences. A bit later, Pat Dawe presented me with a sympathy card signed by the men. Since I had just recently started attended the brunches, I was surprised at the outpouring of care the men sent my way. I've kept the card on the mantel at home. It serves as a reminder of how special these guys are.

On a lighter note, member Wayne April adds: “Hey, it's the only time at the Village when only guys get together, and we’re a minority, and I’ve always gravitated towards minorities!”

Soon after noon, the groups begin to break up, each guest paying for his food. The men part, having fed their bodies, minds, and spirits through this time spent with friends.

Does this kind of outing appeal to you? Whether you are a member of the Village or a curious newcomer, you might consider dropping by. If you do, you can count on being greeted warmly. And chances are that you will find the experience refreshing.

If you are interested in Men's Time or Pasadena Village please contact the office at

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