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Beyond the Village - Judith Harris

By Karen Bagnard
Posted: 08/28/2023
Tags: bios, beyond the village, karen bagnard

Judith Harris, a Villager with a lifetime membership in the UNA-USA, recently was honored with the most prestigious award offered by this organization. On June 4 she received the Arnold Goodman Lifetime Achievement Award for 2022­­–2023 in recognition of her 22 years of dedication to the organization.

UNA-USA, United Nations Association of the USA, is a movement of Americans who believe that our interests and values can best be advanced by standing with the planet’s only truly universal institution: the United Nations.

The awards event was held in Washington, D.C., with representatives from all over the United States in attendance. In her acceptance speech, Judith said, “I would like to dedicate this award to countless individuals who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of peace, justice, and equality.”  Among those thanked by name was another Villager, Esther Gillies.

Each year, members are nominated by colleagues and selected by a panel of judges made up of the Leadership Development Committee, Leadership Summit Planning Committee, UNA-USA staff and the National Council Executive Team.

Judith’s award itself states, “this is a tremendous accomplishment, and we are truly honored to celebrate you in this manner.”

In her acceptance speech Judith also delivered the message, “beyond my personal journey, what I want everyone to know is that each and every one of us can make a difference and effectively support the work of the UN.”

We are proud to have this Villager among us and we congratulate Judith for her Arnold Goodman Lifetime Achievement Award. In addition, Judith also had a 29-year career working in the field of pediatric blindness. Read more about this remarkable Villager here.

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