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Strategic Plan Progress: Program Teams

By Katie Brandon
Posted: 07/17/2023

One of the Strategic Plan goals is to increase our capacity and we have made strides in reorganizing and relaunching some of our program teams. First, Nancy Goodell will be joined by Jeff Gutstadt as the Membership Committee refines its focus and becomes the New Villager Engagement Team. We are so grateful for Jeff and Nancy’s caring approach to creating individual paths for each of our newer villagers to help them find their tribe, share their talents, and get the support they need. This New Villager Engagement Team has some dedicated villagers on it and would welcome your involvement — get in touch with Jeff, Nancy or Katie Brandon. 


Chuck Taylor and his Social Connections Committee have embraced morphing into a new Program Development Team. They will help implement and evaluate new small group gatherings and more extensive programs, including bringing the Ready or Not program to Pasadena. Generously supported by Pasadena Community Foundation, the Ready or Not program will help aging-in-place elders create a plan for themselves for the next steps in their lives. Look for the launch of the Ready or Not program this fall. Thank you, Barbara Madden, for heading up the group who will make this happen. 


All of our volunteers need guidance and support to effectively embody Pasadena Village’s mission to foster vital independent living in a spirit of mutual support, enrichment and inclusiveness. Dan Guerrero and some dedicated volunteers, supported by Priyanka Kumar, our Member Services & Volunteer Coordinator, will launch the first comprehensive volunteer and leadership training this August. We hope to see you all there to review the new volunteer and leadership guidelines and find deeper ways to engage and support our caring community. 

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