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By Susan Kujawa
Posted: 02/26/2023


Great Decisions is America's largest discussion program on world affairs.  The Foreign Policy Association sponsors this program which includes reading from the Great Decisions Briefing Book, watching a related video, and discussing a designated topic.  The topics include the most critical global issues facing America today.  A panel chooses eight topics each year.

The mission of the Foreign Policy Association is to serve as a catalyst for developing awareness, understanding, and informed opinions on U.S. foreign policy and global issues.  Through its balanced, nonpartisan programs and publications, the FPA encourages citizens to participate in the foreign policy process.

The grassroots, face-to-face model adopted by Great Decisions more than 60 years ago continues today.  Each year tens of thousands of participants take part in discussions nationwide.

Pasadena Village held a Great Decisions series the year before the Covid pandemic. The discussions were a hit with Village members.  And so it was with great anticipation that the 25 participants gathered at the Village to begin the 2023 series.

The first topic was Energy Geopolitics.  Participants first watched an informative video.  Then Village member Bob Wilson led a discussion on what they had seen and read.  Bob is uniquely qualified to lead this particular discussion, because he was “brought up in the energy industry” as an employee of Aramco stationed in Saudi Arabia. Several other participants shared their work experience in balancing energy needs, national security, and environmental issues.

Village member Al Miller remarked that “To me the most interesting component of the presented material was their relating the issues to four different political movements in this country.  I tend to think of our politics as just liberal vs conservative but there’s more to it than that.”

The series continues next month with a focus on War Crimes.  As usual, the group will read an article from the Foreign Policy Association guidebook, view a video, and share their thoughts and questions.

Participation in the Great Decisions series is limited to Pasadena Village members. For more information on all that the Village has to offer, including how to become a member, visit our website.



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