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By Blog Master
Posted: 02/01/2021

Mark Steven Greenfield

Artist for Racial Justice

- Karen Bagnard - 

Altadena artist, Mark Steven Greenfield, made an enlightening presentation of his art and his life experiences to the Pasadena Village on January 7, sponsored by our Inclusivity Committee and the 1619 Project Discussion Affinity Group.   More than two dozen members of the Village were spellbound as he spoke and screen shared his art.   An interesting discussion followed.

Mark’s bold and perceptive art depicts his knowledge and appreciation for the traditional European masters as well as his Catholic roots.
  In stark contrast to these images are his honest statements about his own experience of growing up black in America and the harsh history of our country’s racial injustice.  In his Black Madonna series, as well as other works, there is still a glimmer of hope and deep sense of humanity.


Mark, who now follows many Eastern philosophies which include a wide range of spiritual practices, finds a meditative quality to his work in the repetitive strokes of his pen and brush.  The result of his slow and methodical technique is a rich texture that draws the viewer into the artwork.  Many images are bold and powerful while surrounded by a sense of peace and tranquility. 


Mark also showed us a number of his “Blackatcha” series.  These pieces of art were inspired by his collection of 100s of vintage photos of black face history.  He gave a history and background of the phenomenon, providing important context for us.  Each work is presented as an eye chart with a thought-provoking message in the letters.


With over 20 solo exhibitions all over the country and numerous international exhibitions, Mark still keeps a demanding schedule.  He is currently working on a 147-foot mural that is scheduled to be unveiled at a downtown Los Angeles Metro Station in 2022.  The mural will depict the old Red Cars that ran through Los Angeles and surrounding communities until they were shut down in the early 60s.


If you missed this event or if you want to see more of his work, please visit Mark’s website:




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