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By Blog Master
Posted: 03/01/2021
Sages & Seekers
Still Seeking Sages

Sages & Seekers (, one of several intergenerational programs available to Pasadena Village members, is a phenomenally successful program pairing up seniors (aka Sages) with high school and college students (aka Seekers).  Their mission statement says it all:

“Sages & Seekers strives to combat social isolation and dissolve age-related segregation within our communities, while meeting the universal and compelling need of both young adults and elders to make sense of their lives. This is achieved by the simple art of communication.”

Several Village members have engaged in this program, Karen Bagnard, Dick Myers, Dave Folz, Mike Babcock, Shizzie Akasaki and Jeffry Gutstadt. They have found it most rewarding and some of them continue to participate.

Sages & Seekers has modified its’ program to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, and the program has continued to grow via Zoom.  The added benefit of the Zoom sessions is that pairing up of Sages and Seekers can now span the United States and even other continents.  While nothing can be as rich as meeting in person, the Zoom version is equally successful and enriching.  Each session of Sages & Seekers lasts about 7 weeks.  The commitment is an hour and 15 minutes each week.  It is essential that participants agree to make that commitment. 

Sages & Seekers offers the opportunity to dispel the myths of ageism and narrow the gap between generations.  It also offers a mutually enriching experience.  If you are interested in participating, go to their website and contact them.  You are also welcome to speak to one of the participating Village members.
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