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By Blog Master
Posted: 03/01/2021
On February 18, the Education Committee sponsored a program with information on how to hire a home caregiver.  The presenter was Brenda Shorkend MA, CMC, a geriatric care manager and owner of Shorkend Care Management. She was joined by Sam Gopinathan, CEO of New Wave Home Care.

Brenda began by defining “home care” and “home health care” which are quite different. Home health care is usually prescribed by a doctor and covered by insurance. The need for skilled nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, wound care as well as fluctuating blood pressure were examples given of the kind of conditions for which a doctor might prescribe home health care.

Home care is non-medical assistance, does not need a doctor’s prescription, and is not covered by (most) insurance. Home care workers can serve as companions and shoppers. They can do laundry, light cleaning, personal care such as helping with bathing and dressing and provide general physical assistance.

Home care was the topic of this session. There are three ways to hire a caregiver and each one has its own parameters for background checks, licensing, hours and fee schedules, and insurances. The ways to hire are through a Home Care Agency, a Home Care Registry, or to do a private hire. An example of that is hiring someone who is a word-of-mouth referral.

The above have different parameters for background checks, licensing, and different fee schedules as well as insurance concerns. There are also legal and taxations differences and responsibilities. If you hire through an agency, those caregivers are employees of the agency. Hiring independently or through a registry make you the employer.

The presentation made it clear that hiring a caregiver, however you do it, needs forethought and a firm grasp of the responsibilities of the hirer.

If you would like more information, contact the village office at 626-765-6037 for a more detailed summary of the presentation.
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