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Senior Care Network

By Blog Master
Posted: 03/30/2021



Kristen Tachiki, a Social Worker at Pasadena’s Senior Care Network spoke to members of the Pasadena Village to outline the services it provides.  The Senior Care Network, established in 1984, is an outpatient service of Huntington Hospital. 


As Kristen explained, although people come to the hospital for major illnesses or events, the majority of health outcomes can be predicted by what is going on in the home.  So the goal of Senior Care Network is to provide support to older adults in their homes or in assisted living to promote better health. 


Kristen described the many services that are provided, free of charge, to residents of the greater San Gabriel Valley area.  Their most widely used service is the Resource Center which is staffed by experienced Social Workers and has a broad list of resources.  People can call and explain their situation and the Social Worker will offer referrals or further assessment to address the situation.


The Senior Care Network also offers a Caregiver Support group, noon-time lectures, etc. etc.


It is good to know that the Senior Care Network is available to help older adults live healthy and independent lives as long as possible.  As Kristen said, “Aging doesn’t mean we are no longer able.”  That is a sentiment that members of Pasadena Village heartily endorse.


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