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Members love the Friday Bulletin

By Blog Master
Posted: 03/30/2021

Pasadena Village Members Share Resources with Each Other – A Success Story


Every Friday Pasadena Village members look forward to finding the “Friday Bulletin,” in their email.  The Bulletin is a quick and easy way for members to let each other know about interesting events occurring in the wider community, issues (like scams targeting seniors) that we should be aware of, and inquiries into where we might find help with a home repair issue, a health care issue, or someone to explain what’s going on with their computer or internet service..  It’s a great way to announce good news, or share a concern.  One of its best uses is Member-to-Member referrals.


Recently one of our members fell at home.  Fortunately, she was not injured, but this led her to want a “Life Alert” pendant, that she could wear all the time, so that someone would know if she fell again.  Some of her Village friends found material on the web, and checked with local agencies that serve seniors, but the information we gathered was confusing, and phone calls to companies that make these products yielded aggressive sales pitches and contradictory offers.  Finally, the Village member put a request in our Friday Bulletin, and another member promptly shared a Consumer Reports article about “How to Choose a Medical Alert System” that laid out useful information in a concise, clear form.  Our member and her daughter were quickly able to find a product that pleased them at a price that they were comfortable with.


Hooray for Member-to-Member referrals!  The Friday Bulletin is just one more benefit of belonging to the Pasadena Village.  For information on becoming a member, go to our website,

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