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Sandra Moffett, Getting to Know Her

By Blog Master
Posted: 03/30/2021
Tags: bios



Sandra Moffett, who has been a member of Pasadena Village for two years, was born in Galveston, Texas to a teen mom. She spent her early years there until she moved with her mother and step-father to South Los Angeles when she was nine years old.


Sandra remembers her mother as someone who was strict and who placed a high value on education. Sandra attended a local Catholic School within walking distance from her home. She followed her mother’s instructions, “walk home, do my homework, do my chores, and stay inside.”


Her family moved to Pacoima when Sandra started high school, where she was one of only five Black students in all four grades. Now a neighbor drove all five Black students to school each day. Sandra continued to do well and follow her mother’s guidelines. When she graduated she was the only Black student in her class. Still, during her first days at the new school, Sandra became friends with a young white girl. Their friendship endured and even now, after 65 years, the two talk daily.


After graduation, Sandra attended Junior College and worked at Litton Industries as a spot welder. She married and four years later her son was born. As a married woman and mother Sandra continued working and going to school. For many years she did word processing for a law firm while she also did medical transcription for MD Anderson Cancer Center located in Houston, which she enjoyed very much. Eventually Sandra bought a resume service and ran her own business, while still working for the law firm and doing medical transcriptions.  And – after 20 years, Sandra earned her BA in speech communication. “I always thought I wanted to teach. But my job offer required a long drive, and the salary couldn’t compare to what I was making. So I never did teach, but I got my degree.”


It was clear from Sandra’s presentation that she is a natural networker. She and her mother were members of Jack and Jill of America, a national organization for mothers and children dedicated to nurturing leadership among African Americans. During her professional career she joined the Rotary Club and the Burbank Business and Professional Women’s organization. “I guess I’m a joiner - after all, I joined the Pasadena Village.” 


Sandra is part of the Pasadena Village Inclusivity Committee and has discussed issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in that group. For herself she feels she has not experienced much overt racism, although she described a couple of incidents that have stuck with her.


One time she was driving her Porsche and was pulled over by the police. The officer examined all of her documents and made phone calls to the office but eventually let her go, having no basis to hold her. “I think he was suspicious of a Black woman driving a Porsche.” Of course, all of us at the Member Connections were trying to picture demure, soft-spoken Sandra behind the wheel of a sports car. “Oh yes”, said Sandra, “I had two Porsches. I loved those cars!”


Another incident involved “redlining”, the practice of not allowing Black people to purchase property in certain areas. Some years after Sandra purchased her condo in Glendale, she received a check as a settlement for a lawsuit brought against owners in Glendale who had a history of racial discrimination. Today, Sandra is campaigning to serve on the Board of her condo’s HOA.


Member Connections is a program of Pasadena Village, coordinated by member Bea Jennings, that aims to help members get to know each other and share the story of their lives. Listening to Sandra Moffett describe the arc of her life was a master class in how to set goals, have faith in oneself, and never say no to an opportunity. Pasadena Village is fortunate that, two years ago when Sandra heard about the Village, she decided to give it a try!


To view a video of Sandra's presentation click on this link, Sandra Moffett


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