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By Blog Master
Posted: 06/29/2021
2021 Annual Report
Letter from the Executive Director
Dear members of Pasadena Village,

Each year at Pasadena Village’s Annual Meeting, we have time as an organization to reflect on the successes and challenges of the year, and offer gratitude to all those who have volunteered, led, and contributed to the Village’s progress. 

Pasadena Village does not operate in a vacuum - pandemic notwithstanding! Our members are all active in many areas of the greater community, and Pasadena Village relies on partnerships with a wide range of community partners to provide educational programming. Pasadena Village operates, not only on membership fees, but on the generosity of local businesses, foundations, and individuals - both members, and nonmembers - who support our mission.

As Mayor Gordo shared at our Annual Meeting on June 24, the City of Pasadena is reopening as COVID-19 case rates and pandemic deaths continue to decline. Our city has the highest vaccination rate in the state and it is a time of hope for our larger community and the Village. .As a community of older adults, Pasadena Village is a key part of the fabric of the greater Pasadena area. 

As we look back on the past year, it is a poignant time to first remember those who have passed, those who have persevered, and those who have been there for us throughout this difficult time -  both in our community and throughout the entire world. It is also a time to reflect on our values, individually, and as a Village. 

We value the support we give each other through Zoom, via phone, email, snail mail, and visits. We rely on each other as fellow volunteers. We value the community we all work hard to continue to build. We value learning from different perspectives. Our Neighborhood gatherings and Affinity Groups have helped us stay connected, albeit on Zoom. We have continued lifelong learning through informative programming provided by Educational Programs, Inclusivity, Cultural Activities, Social Connections, VIPs and others. Birthday Celebrations, Holiday Boutique, Member Connections, and bringing meals to each other are Pasadena Village traditions we have carried on despite the circumstances. 

We learn together and we enjoy being together. Our ethos as an organization is about planning for the challenges and opportunities of aging.  In the same way, we are going to spend these months ahead as a time to plan, and a time to transition to our next period of growth. We are going to, together, test new ways of reaching potential new members, get out of our comfort zone, personally, as well as an organization, so we can grow intentionally and with purpose. 

To that end I would like to announce a new Pasadena Village Outreach team. As in-person events start to be planned again, we want to have a Village presence in our community. The Outreach team will staff a Village table or booth at festivals and fairs such as the Wiggle Waggle Walk organized by Pasadena Humane Society or the San Marino Car Classic in Lacey Park.  We are looking for Village members to join the Outreach team.  If you are willing to represent the Village at events such as these, please let me know that you are interested.

In addition, at the Annual Meeting, we announced there will now be two versions of "Meet Me at the Village." This gathering is a key way that Pasadena Village builds community and welcomes potential new members. We will continue to have a Zoom edition of "Meet Me at the Village" on the fourth Friday of the month, and, starting in July, will add a second, in person edition on the third Thursday of the month at 10 am at the Village office. We invite you to join us at either version, and we look to each of our members to consider someone you know who might want to learn more about the Village. Please invite them to attend with you in the coming months.

Zoom will continue to be part of the Village offerings, and our Reopening task force is working to have a viable hybrid meeting format worked out to accommodate both those who prefer to join us in person at the Village office and those who prefer to join gatherings from the comfort of their home. Those who organize Neighborhood gatherings, affinity groups, and committees will have several options at their disposal now that the village office is again open for in person meetings and events. 

At the Annual Meeting, we had time in breakout rooms for you to gather with fellow members and volunteers to discuss your hopes looking forward, for yourself and the Village. Please let me know if we can help continue the conversations you started and implement any new ideas that will help us build community. 

I’d like to again thank those involved in planning and executing the 2021 Annual Meeting:
Mike Babcock
Pat Dawe
Fritzie Culick
Dave Folz
Sue Kujawa
Paula Rao
Linda Simmons
Linda Stowitts 

I am also grateful to all of our members, Board of Directors, volunteers, partners, and donors for making Pasadena Village such an amazing community and for your part in the success of the 2020/21 fiscal year. 


Katie Brandon

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