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By Blog Master
Posted: 08/03/2021

In our culture, there is an assumption that only young bodies are pleasurable and pleasure-able.  However, many older adults miss the pleasure of physical touch and sexual intimacy.  Last month Nicoletta Heidegger, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, described the physical, emotional, and cultural barriers to having a fulfilling sex life at any age, and shared information on how to find, foster, and increase the pleasure potential in our lives and relationships.  

In her presentation Ms. Heidegger explained the ways that sex is good for our health at all ages and how it should be a part of our overall health and wellness.  She outlined some of the factors that affect our desire for sex including medication and surgery.  She pointed out that most doctors are not trained, nor are they comfortable, discussing sexual problems with their patients.  And she emphasized the ways in which our culture, and ageism, contribute to the idea that sexual desire and attraction are the purview of young people with toned bodies.  
Ms. Heidegger provided resources that are readily available where we can learn more about how aging affects our sexual desires and how sexual desire and pleasure can be re-kindled, if that is important to us.  At the end of the discussion, participants had a better understanding of current research on the topic of sexuality and aging.  With her frank and open manner, Ms. Heidegger encouraged all of us to examine some of our own hang-ups to having a fulfilling intimate life, and to learn some applicable tools that can enhance sexual and relational functioning.
Here is the link to the Ageless Sexuality presentation video.

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