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By Blog Master
Posted: 08/03/2021
Accessibility for All

On June 30th Ali Everett, Accessibility Coordinator for the City of Pasadena, made a presentation to the Village about all that our city does to make it easier for residents and visitors to be able to participate fully in all that our city has to offer.  From safe street crossings to ramps in public places to viewing the Rose Parade, efforts have been made to include and accommodate those with vision, hearing and mobility issues.  

In addition to constant monitoring and re-evaluating, the city also makes it easy for us to inquire about or make suggestions for accommodations by calling 311 for the Citizens’ Service Center.  A helpful person named Mandy will assist in any way she can to answer your questions or address your concerns.  The City of Pasadena takes the accessibility component of its work very seriously.  It is one of the few cities that employs a full-time coordinator.  This translates into easy access and inclusion for all of us.

We also learned that Pasadena Water and Power offers a Medical Assistance program that provides a $10 per month credit for residential electric customers with qualifying electric powered medical equipment. For a list of qualifying electric powered medical equipment and more information about the program visit:
  (The 5 in the URL above (ww5) is accurate.)

Note:  For those who do not reside in the City of Pasadena, please inquire with your utility companies for programs to help with medical equipment requiring power.

The full presentation is available on our website under Accessibility for All.
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