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By Blog Master
Posted: 08/29/2021

The end result is a hardcover book, complete with photos, titled - “The Life Stories of Sally Asmundson”. The genesis of my book is a story in itself. 

It was June 2020, and the pandemic lockdown meant that the annual Village Movement California conference was on Zoom. I attended a session on intergenerational programs where I heard Brittany Bare, of San Francisco, speak about her intergenerational effort, My Life My Stories. It sounded interesting to me and I realized I could participate via Zoom.  I emailed Brittany and just a few weeks later she had paired me with a young man who would interview me over a period of 4-6 weeks. From that a book would be made with some of my stories. 

My Life, My Stories is a non-profit organization that shares the life legacies of older adults through the power of intergenerational relationships.  Their vision is to build relationships between the young and the old to create a more empathetic and connected community. 

 The project went beyond my imaginings. I was paired with Jordan, a recent college graduate who is still learning and finding his place in the world. We met on Zoom once a week for 8 weeks and, while he asked me questions from the script he’d been provided, we really connected, and I learned a lot about him as well. A particularly deep connection was made when we learned that we had both been to Alaska specifically to see the Aurora Borealis and that it was a profound experience for both of us. 

Even though Jordan is 23, a Black man from New Jersey and I am 80, a white woman in California, we learned that we had so much in common. We shared stories.  I sent him pictures and I met his mother. We still keep in touch with Zoom every month or two and I am now one of his friends who is providing feedback about a story he is writing. I hope that maybe someday we will get to meet in person but even if we never meet in person I can still treasure the connection we have made.

For more information about My Life, My Stories visit their website at 

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