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By Blog Master
Posted: 03/29/2022

Seeing in the Dark - written by Karen Bagnard

Today was what I call “open-window weather.” I sat in my bedroom on my neatly made bed as my cat slept in the chair. I enjoyed the breeze coming in the large open window with the jacaranda tree outside and the large blossoms on the hedge. I heard birds and other pleasant neighborhood sounds and watched the dappled sunlight on the hardwood floor.

What will this be like when the world goes dark in my eyes? Will this kind of a moment feel just as wonderful?  

When that day comes, I suppose I will hear the birds more clearly. The breezes will feel gentler and the fragrances will be richer. I will remember the dancing shadows and the glorious mountain views and the palm trees and squirrels. I’ll still see them in my mind.  As for my cat, I’m sure her gentle snoring will be more audible when I can no longer see her. 

When I can no longer see the full moon with my eyes, my mind will see it for me. I can still take a moon bath and burn a green candle for prosperity. The fire in the fire bowl will still crackle and warm me.

The summer sounds of baseball and picnics up in the park will still delight me as I swing in my patio. Hearing my neighbors’ parties with Chicano music or the thump of funk will still make me want to get up and dance.

When the world grows dark in my eyes, my soul will still have light. I will still be an artist. That’s when I’ll start to work my real magic. I will still bring my art out into the world for others to see and for me to feel. It will be like having magical powers.

When the world grows dark in my eyes, life will still be wonderful and rich and full of joy. I know it as sure as I sit here thinking about it. I have already decided that and nothing will change my mind.  I’ll just be seeing in the dark.

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