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By Blog Master
Posted: 10/04/2022
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Priyanka Kumar is the newly hired Member Services & Volunteer Coordinator at the Pasadena Village. This position is also a new position at the Village, our first additional staff position in nine years.  The newly created position is a direct outgrowth of our Strategic Plan, which calls for the Village to strengthen the recruitment and coordination of volunteers by matching the talents, interests, and availability of member and non-member volunteers with the specific needs of the community.


It's clear that Priyanka is up to the challenge. She has focused her life on working and volunteering at various organizations that strive to help others at all stages of their lives. As a volunteer, she coordinated and trained new volunteers for the early childhood education program at Pasadena’s Families Forward Learning Center. Moving up the age range, she worked at with adolescents preparing and implementing lesson plans and activities tailored to each student. And as a high school student, she volunteered at the Motion Picture hospital, organizing holiday programs, walking with the older adults, or simply spending time with them.


Her Bachelor of Arts degree in history from UCLA gives her a deep appreciation for the cultural forces that impact the course of history, as illustrated by her thesis subject, An Analysis of the Impact of women upon the Russian Revolution. Her academic and employment success also gave her an understanding and appreciation of the importance of using data to achieve goals and revise programs.


Priyanka credits the big influence of her grandparents for her interest and affection for older adults. Her mother’s father, after his wife died, came from his home in India each summer to stay with her family and help care for Priyanka while her parents worked. “My grandfather was very active at that time. He loved to walk. It was not unusual for him to walk several miles just around our San Fernando Valley neighborhood. I enjoyed walking with him.”


One of Priyanka’s first assignments at Pasadena Village will be to implement the “Walk with Ease” program, sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation. “I’m really looking forward to spreading the word about the benefits of walking, which is also a great way to get to know people and make friends.”


When asked what she hopes to learn from the members of the Pasadena Village, Priyanka responds that she wants to know how she can be sure they are feeling supported and included. “I want to be sure I’m listening closely because I want to be supportive. I’m open to everyone’s ideas and concerns.”


One thing that will help her get to know the members, and also help her recruit volunteers, is her love of baking. “My mom is such a great cook, but she doesn’t like to bake. So that’s where I come in. I love to try new recipes. My specialties are quick breads and all kinds of cookies.”


 You are invited to stop by the Village office during the week and get to know Priyanka, if you’re lucky, she’ll have a cookie for you.



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