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Election Day , November 3 2020

By John Tuite
Posted: 10/29/2020
- John Tuite -

Well, Gentlemen of the Village, we are meeting on November 3rd of an Election
Year!   I have waited for this day for a quadrennium!  I have experienced and packaged a significant load of negative emotions in the past four years.  I have whined, I have moaned, I have bitched, I have argued, I have wished, I have hoped, I have feared, I’ve been hurt, I’ve been confused, I’ve been disappointed, I’ve been upset, I’ve felt contempt, despair, sadness, hopelessness, disgust, and a great deal of anger!

And I’ve looked to this day to relieve me of the curse that I’ve lived under these
past 1440 days!

I must admit that “politics” has been a critical part of my whole life!  Federal
politics, State politics, Local politics!  It’s been my career, my hobby, much of
my reading, my friendships, my entertainment, and a major part of conversations with my wife!

I’ve no one to blame but myself!

So this morning I must face, deal with, and prepare for an outcome I’ve not
planned for:   What if my nominee loses?  What if all my hopes are dashed?
What do I do with my life?  I can’t bear to spend another four years a repeat of
the last. And neither can I imagine my living room or bedroom without the TV
EYE on the world.  Must I cancel my subscriptions to the NYTimes, the LATimes,
and the periodicals.  What do Lynne and I talk about those four to five hours a day?
Can I spend that much time with my friends on the “weather” or “last night’s
Menu”?  Can I live my last years without passion?

I know I’m getting carried away, BUT, this has the feeling of crisis about it for me!

Can’t you help even a little??  Say Something!!  What are you going to do??
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