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1619 vs 1776? What's the fuss?

By Blog Master
Posted: 09/29/2020
- Dick Myers -

Our next mint is on Friday, October 2 and will be at noon instead of 10:00 as is usual. This is a one-time change in the time, so please make a note of it on your calendar.

Before I talk about the topic for the meeting. I have a special request. I need help with the meetings and am looking for 2-3 volunteers who attend regularly. I need someone else in the meetings who can be a co-host and take notes of what the discussion covers. I am asking for several volunteers understanding that no one can make every meeting, so the activity can be shared and covered by someone who is in the meeting. If you are willing to help with this, please send me an email so we can talk about how this can work.

the article i would like to feature for our discussion comes from CNN and Was written by Julian Zelizer, a CNN political analyst, is a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University.

The article looks at the public discussion and argument that is currently Taking place in the media and specifically addresses the announcement of the “1776 Commission "to promote patriotic education", Zelizer places the examination of the 1619 project in the larger context of the movement of the study of history over the last 50 years , and thus removes it to some extent from the heat of the moment .the article specifically refers to the announcement of the “1776 Commission "to promote patriotic education", And suggests that arguments about history should be left to historians and not politicized. This seems like a very useful inappropriate suggestion.

Read the article, form your own opinion , and come in to discuss your conclusion with us.

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