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New York Times article

By Karen Bagnard
Posted: 11/26/2020
- Karen Bagnard -

The New York Times article discussing the teaching of the 1619 Project in schools was the launch topic of this meeting of the 1619 Project.  Most had read it and one participant noted that there are 4500 classrooms across the country incorporating this into their curriculum, mostly eastern states.

Another article we read referred to the importance of recognizing our history correctly and truthfully.

We discussed the flaws of the 1619 Project which have been pointed out by history scholars, but overall even they agree this is a worthwhile study.

History often refers to our past in slavery as a North-vs-South situation, when, indeed, it was throughout the country when it was introduced.  In addition, the enslavement of Native Americans is rarely if, ever taught; however, it did not persist the way black slavery did.  Although, the Native Americans have very much been dealt a difficult existence in this country, nothing has affected our culture more profoundly than our roots in black enslavement.

One of the participants in this discussion took issue with the term “Indians” vs. “Native Americans” or “Indigenous People.”  Her input was appreciated and was certainly adhered to during the rest of our discussion.  These are the kinds of enlightenment we receive in these discussions.

The term BIPOC was introduced by Dick… it means Black Indigenous People Of Color.

It was questioned:  How effective is the 1619 Project when introduced in schools and what age range is being taught?  Our curiosity about this will be investigated.  Karen expressed interest in finding out which schools, if any, in PUSD are teaching this and which private schools.  She will do some investigating and report back

Dick reminded everyone of his friend, Tom Jones, who will be coming to speak in December.  He is encouraging all of us to invite others to hear this man speak.  Tom Jones is a black success story in a white world.  He has also written a book and has a most interesting and compelling story to tell.  We hope to have many visitors to this meeting and encourage all members to come and bring a friend.  This might be most inspiring to young people of color.

Dick also suggested we read about a woman named Chenowith who has studied non-violent protests for power change and how effective they have been over the years.  She has studied this phenomenon since the early 1800s and has been documenting her finding from about 1900 on.  There has been significant success.  He encouraged us to read the article and read it in the New Yorker.  
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