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1619 Project, December 18, 2020

By Blog Master
Posted: 12/16/2020
- Dick Myers -
I am very sorry to announce the passing of Gideon Schein, our fellow villager. Gideon has been an active and enthusiastic participant in our 1619.

For our coming meeting this Friday, I would like to discuss the meeting that we had with Tom Jones discussing his book. We had a very stimulating and interesting discussion, and I would like to hear from the people who attended what their impression was and what might be the value of having other visitors making the same kind of presentation.

Beyond that discussion, there are many things going on in our current environment that pertain to the racism in our society and examination of where that racism came from. We can open the floor to topics suggested by the participants in the meeting and have a very stimulating discussion on that basis.

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