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Multiple Topics Involving Race Issues

By Blog Master
Posted: 10/26/2022

Notes By Sharon Jarrett


The meeting did not have a reading or pre determined topic for discussion. Participants were encouraged to bring up topics of interest and concern.

The Weekly Journal recently had an article discussing the movement of slaves to Louisiana, Florida and Mexico, both after emancipation and, as runaways. In the 1940s, oral histories were taken of surviving individuals who made the move.

A discussion of convict labor as servitude and enslavement followed. (City of Inmates by Dr. Kelly Lytle Hernandez, addresses this topic extensively).

Issues around voting were next discussed, particularly concerns about voter suppression.

The recent concerns related to the Los Angeles City Council were addressed.

The censoring of history was discussed in relation to White Nationalism and the use of "the traditional historical narrative" (Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick). It was suggested that historical facts were provable using source information and interpretation was individual.

The next meeting will be November 4th at 10:00 PST. There will be a speaker, Peter J. Harris, who will discuss his 4 part campaign introducing his "Black Man of Happiness" project. The meeting will be on our usual link.

On November 5th, Pasadena Village will partner with Pasadena Friendship Church in an outreach program called "Soul Food Train".

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