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Current Developments and The Impact on Racism

By Blog Master
Posted: 01/30/2021
- Dick Myers -

A massive change has taken place in the  country since our last meeting. Recognizing this, I anticipate that many new ideas and other news items will dominate our discussion. Accordingly, I propose that we each look for articles that provide some insight on how current events have impacted our country and the big changes to come. You can tell us briefly what your article of choice is about. Links to the articles will be posted in the blog so other members will have a reference point.  We will discuss how the current environment directly correlates to the historical record that we have been exploring. 

The guest we had scheduled for January, Carol McGrath, has agreed to reschedule her appearance to our second meeting in February, 19th at noon. Carol is a resident of Glendale and, upon discovering that Glendale's sundown laws were still on the books, took action to get them removed.  She also got an official apology from the town for its behavior in the past. She will tell us her story of her experience and how she accomplished this outcome, and what she believes this effect will be. Carol is very dynamic and engaging. I'm sure you will find her presentation to be very stimulating, thought provoking, and enjoyable. Spread the word to anyone you think would be interested. This should be a very interesting presentation and discussion to follow. We look forward to a great turn out.

Connection information to the meeting will be sent to our 1619 project discussion mailing list subsequently. 

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