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Voter Suppresion and Upcoming Speaker

By Blog Master
Posted: 05/16/2021
Our next meeting is coming up this Friday, May 21 at noon Pacific Time. I would like to have the discussion focus on voter suppression and how it relates to the issues of race in the United States. There is no specific article to reference but there is an ample amount of information available for our use. This will be beneficial to hear about what kinds of things our participants are encountering in the news media and what we are to make of it in terms of our focus in this group. I look forward to another lively, informative discussion.

In our first meeting in June on the first Friday of the month, June 4, at 10 am Pacific Time we will have another guest speaker to relate her personal experiences as a black female medical professional and citizen. Linda Pope is an Ophthalmologist in Houston Texas and is the daughter of David Pope who was a professional baseball player in the Negro League with the Homestead Grays and later played Major League with the Cleveland Indians and Baltimore Orioles. Linda will give us some of the perspective that she has from hearing of her fathers experience as well as her own professional career. She has also presented professional medical papers in various places in Europe and participated in a medical mission to Central Africa. We look forward to her presentation.

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