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Conversations with African-American Art

By Richard Myers
Posted: 10/09/2023
Tags: history, art

On the first Friday in October, Helane Rheingold gave us another of her wonderful presentations known as "Conversations with Art". The pieces featured in this presentation included:

  • STILL LIFE WITH FRUIT & NUTS --- Robert Duncanson 1848
  • STORAGE JAR David Drake 1859
  • THE SEINE Henry Ossawa Tanner 1902 PORTRAIT OF MY GRANDMOTHER --- A John Motley 1922
  •  COUPLE --- James Van Der Zee 1924
  • INTO BONDAGE --- Aaron Douglas 1936
  • SCHOOL STUDIES --- Horace Pippin 1944
  • DAYBREAK/ A TIME TO REST --- Jacob Lawrence 1967
  • TOMORROW I MAY BE FARAWAY Romare Bearden 1967
  • GREAT AMERICA --- Kerry James Marshall 1994
  • ROOT & LINKS inc Kara Walker 1997

Pursuing her usual approach of having a conversation about each piece, Helane introduced each artist and artwork, telling us something about the style of the work and the context in which it was created. She pointed out specific details about the artwork and described the significance of the detail in communicating something from the artist to the observers. She then asked the discussion group to describe something that they noted in the work, or something that they felt about it as they viewed it. Participants in the discussion were able to contribute their own observations about the work. These were often surprising and insightful comments that brought out different ideas about how the work is perceived by different viewers and adds an extra dimension to discussion of the work. 

This presentation was recorded and video may be seen on our YouTube channel entited "Conversations with African American Art"

Our next meeting is scheduled for the third Friday, October 20, at 12 noon on our usual link. Brian Biery has presented previously on  aspects of how racism existed in our local area, how it was manifested and the impact that it had on residents. Brian is returning on October 20th  and his meeting will center on education in the U.S. today; its role in society and how its current structure has evolved over the past 30+ years. 

·        Here is a brief overview of what he plans to discuss:


  •         The public education system in the U.S. has changed dramatically over
  •         the past 30 years. 
  •         What are some of the causes of the significant shifts in service and structure? 
  •         How have they impacted students, families, school districts, and society overall? 
  •         In addition, by looking at our local history, how have these changes manifested
  •         themselves in our community? 
  •         What might public education look like in the future, both locally and nationally, if current trends continue? 


Brian is a student of history of Pasadena and contributes regularly to the Colorado Boulevard Magazine, his article there focuses on the Brookside Plunge, the Pasadena swimmingpool with a troublesome history of descrimination.  This link also provides access to a listing of his other contributions to the magazine.

Brian also maintains a Youtube channel he calls "Power of One." On this channel, he collects personal stories from the residents of this area to illustrate their experience of living here. One  of his interviews  is of Alma Stokes, a social activist known to many of the Villagers through their children, who came to know and love  Alma  while attending Pasadena Schools where she was a teacher. Visiting this collection will connect  you with the history of this region in a very relatable and enjoyable way. 

Reminders will be sent out about the event, and we'll provide the link again as the date nears. Remember that these discussions are open to nonmembers, so feel free to invite others who may be interested in participating in our discussions. We ask that you register for these events through our website


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