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SCOTUS: Rulings on Cases with No Standing

By Richard Myers
Posted: 07/10/2023
Tags: history
Notes by Sharon Jarrett
The meeting began with a thoughtful discussion of recent Supreme Court decisions on Affirmative Action and LGBTQI rights relative to businesses.
One participant who self identified as not being an attorney believed each of the cases merits a re hearing. Of primary concern to this participant was the lack of standing of those who brought the actions. The ensuing conversation resulted in the following concerns:
1.   What is the law relative to the concept of standing
2.   The message to the public created by these cases has a chilling effect on people
3.   The reduction in personal freedoms created by these decisions is disturbing.
The discussion then turned to the court and reform with term limits and ethics standards being the primary elements of discussion. Later in the discussion, the participants discussed what would need to happen to implement these reforms.  Primary to this portion of the discussion was the need for constitutional changes or legislative changes to achieve outcomes.
The flow of information to the public was then discussed including the limitations created by socioeconomic factors and access to broadband, newspapers and other information sources.
The need to be involved at the local level to make meaningful change was discussed. 
The next meeting will be July 21st at 12:00 PM PST.  Brian Biery and Marcus Renner will discuss the Arroyo Seco and the Arroyo Seco Placekeepers Project.
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