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Conversations with West African Art

By Richard Myers
Posted: 06/09/2023
Tags: videos, art

In our last meeting on June 2nd Helane Rheingold conducted another of her engaging conversations with art. This time, her focus was West African Art done over the last 150 years. Most of the art was by unnamed artisans and in the preliterate culture in which the pieces were created, this art work was a significant means of communication. Helane guided us through a discussion of each piece that she illustrated pointing out the ideas and cultural attitudes that were conveyed by the pieces. The messages relayed had to do with ideas like gender equality but recognizing the different societal roles of each  gender. Power figures were included in symbols in the art that conveyed power and authority of the leaders within the cultures. Some of the art conveyed the importance of mothers within the culture.

Helane’s “Conversations” are just that and the audience reactions to the work are very much a part of the presentation. This presentation was recorded and may be viewed on the Pasadena Village YouTube channel at “West African Art”.

Our next presentation will be on June 16th at 12 noon pacific.  We are fortunate to have special guests, Dick Price and Sharon Kyle, who will talk to us about their experience in a mixed-race marriage.  Dick and Sharon have been long time advocates of improving racial understand and relationships, but their experience as a married couple provided them with a rich array of new insights. Dick and Sharon publish an award winning newsletter, LA Progressive,  where you can read more about them and participate in their sharing of their wide range of discussion of progressive thought.

We look forward to a great turnout for what promises to be a very interesting episode in our discussion series. As with all our meetings, we welcome visitors and if you would like to be on our mailing list, send an email to Dick Myers  to be added to the list.  Tell your friends who may be interested that they are welcome to join us.

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