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Stoking Fears of White Decline

By Blog Master
Posted: 09/12/2021
For our next meeting on Friday, September 17th at noon, I am proposing an article in the NY Times that goes to the heart of the matter that we are currently dealing with. We are facing a significant change in political power driven by the changing demographics of the country. The racism inherent in our history is an important part of the background that the current inflamed environment is principally due to the shift in political power. This article deals with "stoking fears of white decline" and that is the immediate cause of the disturbing and frightening turmoil we are going through.

Another recent article that I want to put on the record for reference deals with the issue of the California reparations effort. It is not, however, only about reparations, but points to the wide ranging impact that properly addressing reparations can and should have on all the institutions of our society. It illustrates how central  he issue of slavery has been in the formation of the world that we live in today and how far reaching any serious attempt at any part of a solution can have on our social environment.

Both of these articles seem to get to the "heart of the matter" and should provide the basis for a very interesting and stimulating discussion. We look forward to your participation.
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