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Pasadenans Recent Experience With Racism

By Richard Myers
Posted: 04/23/2023
Tags: videos, history

Racism is alive and well and we have had a number of presentations that describe what it is like in today’s world.

Brian Biery, our friend from Pacific Oaks College, has given a number of presentations illustrating racism and the impact it has on us in Pasadena in recent history up to today.

Show case of links:


A picture is worth a thousand words and Brian illustrated that with photographs taken of Pasadena by Pasadenans.


Preparations for the 710 freeway extension resulted in serious disruption of many neighborhoods and discussions are now beginning to resolve issues regarding disposition of the properties taken by eminent domain and reparations to the communities involved.


In this presentation, Mr. Biery presented slides illustrating historical acts of discrimination and marginalization of various communities in Pasadena.


A description of Black history in Pasadena from the 1880’s to the present by way of photographs, featuring a panel of local community activists who experienced the changes personally in the 20th century.


Mr. Biery has assembled a group of residents and activists who share personal stories of their experiences with racism in the Pasadena area over the last 40-50 years.

It is important for all of us to understand that the racism that has existed in this country, is still present, and stories such as these, happening present day, brings the message home in a powerful way. These histories described in these presentations are about the community we live in.  Change begins with gaining awareness of the need for change.

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