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Review of 2022, Consideration of 2023

By Richard Myers
Posted: 01/06/2023

We have just received an invitation from our friends at Villages NW that may be of interest to some of our readers. Villages NW is a sister village in the Portland area that is active in the field of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. They share the interests of the memebr of this group. They include the below invitation we recevied, and extend the invitation to members of our group.


The pleasure of your (virtual) company is requested!
Please join us for Foodways' Introduction to Millets, January 26, 2023  2:00 PST

Through our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Affinity Group, Villages NW is participating in a new Foodways program, 'Community Culture Through Food', brought to you by a  group of food enthusiasts.   We seek to address the cultural and community - building aspects of  food traditions through presentations, hands-on classes, tours and other activities as this new year progresses.
For this first year, Foodways and 'Community Culture Through Food' will use the lens of the four seasons to explore various foods this winter, beginning with grains. Grains have been used for millennia by every culture around the world, a cornerstone of  all culinary cultures.

Millets are quite prevalent in many other countries, although lesser-known in the U.S. To raise support for millets, the United Nations has declared 2023 the International Year of the Millets. Over 6,000 varieties of millets in the world  are highly nutritious and can be cultivated in drought conditions, unlike many other grains.

On January 26, the Foodways program is hosting an “Introduction to Millets” virtual presentation with guest speaker from Idaho, Joni Kindwall-Moore, co-founder of the North American Millets Alliance and owner of Snacktivist Foods. Ms. Kindwall-Moore will address the origin story of millets, why they are important to our diets, their role in the climate crisis and some pro-tips for cooking with them.
We sincerely hope you will join us with your friends and family or your fellow villagers.   
To learn more or to register for this virtual talk, please contact Stefana Sardo, For other information or questions, email
Registration for the January 26th event called "Introduction to Millets". Note: future event participants will self register on NE Village website link.   
In our upcoming  meeting on Friday, Janary 6th, at 10AM PST we would like to discuss  what we are expecting to see in 2023. The world has changed in the last two years  in many ways and with the election results  from last November, we are entering a new era, with a new Congress in considerable tunrmoil at the moment. While the media tends to focus on the turnmoil and the bad news we need to keep in mind that there is also good news. In  our discussion, we would like to consider both and express our hopes as well as our fears about the future.
We look forward to a lively and interesting discussion. If you are not on our mailing list and are interested in joining our group please send an email.
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