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Holocaust Denial, Critical Race Theory

By Blog Master
Posted: 10/18/2021
Notes by Sharon Jarrett


The meeting was free flowing and addressed a number of new items and topics currently being addressed in media and print.


The group began by discussing a news report regarding the Carroll Independent School District in Texas.

An administrator was recorded informing staff at a staff development meeting that when teaching the Holocaust both sides of the topic must be addressed.  It was noted that there was a need to examine cultural competency and use of language.  It was also noted that there have been many examples of parents reacting to Critical Race Theory without a true understanding of this legal concept which does not appear in non-college curricula.  It was noted that in many cases the term Critical Race Theory was wrongly being applied to a wide range of parent concerns.  It was noted that in some parts of the nation, affirmative action, integration, and desegregation were viewed as dangerous topics for school instruction.  Participants agreed that this was a serious concern requiring study and more important definition of terms and concepts.


A discussion followed regarding the response to the recent Dave Chappell comedy special on HBO.

It was noted that there is something about "comedy" that allows for saying and noting things that are uncomfortable.  A participant suggested viewing the work of another comedian "Fluffy", Gabriel Iglesias.

He brings to light issues involving the Latinx community in his comedy routines. It was noted that many of the issues involved in these comedy presentations deal with unknown history or history that is edited.  The readjustment required is uncomfortable.


Participants then discussed the values embedded in and foundational to American History   These values were viewed differently by members of the community when initially developed.  It was pointed out that descendants of Confederate soldiers might view their ancestors’ actions as defending family and community.  This led to a discussion about the need for honesty in the historical record.  The discussion concluded with "upholding principles and values provide a model that has been an inspiration to many.  The values and principles may not have been upheld but that doesn't mean the values are bad or wrong."


The emerging demographic population shifts were discussed within the context of a shifting balance of power and the foundational values being discussed in this process.   This led to a discussion of the emerging diversity in the population and the acknowledgement that younger members of the population are more open and comfortable with different ideas and ways of being part of the community.  It was noted that those who have not lived with diversity may fear what they have not experienced.


There was a brief return to the topic of the previous meeting about real estate, eminent domain, and the deliberate destruction of communities to build barriers among community members.  A brief discussion about the current re redistricting planning and the re writing of the Master Plan for Community Development followed.  A number of participants are following both in their communities.


The meeting adjourned at 1:30 PST.  The next meeting will be November 5th at 10:00 PST.  The presentation by Adrian Panton on the history of the African American community in Pasadena has been rescheduled for November 19th at 12:00 PST.


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