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Living in Pasadena

By Richard Myers
Posted: 02/19/2021

-   Contributed by Lora Harrington-Pride   -

I have lived in Pasadena since 1964, the Northwest sector, until 1968. After a fire, my family and I lived in a Caltech house where I could throw a stone and hit Beckman Auditorium from my front yard.  We lived there until 1974.  The house was damaged by the earthquake at that time and was deemed unsafe, whereupon we moved back to the Northwest side.

The presentation by Brian Biery was enjoyable and much appreciated. 

My children and I have experienced the goodness as well as the racism of that time. Much of what Brian Biery related to us, my family was in the midst of. We’ve had front seat visuals of most of the changes to the Northwest side and to the schools. We were also fortunate to experience the progressiveness and inclusiveness put forth by Pacific Oaks Children’s School.

I have read a book recently that Villagers, who aren’t already aware, might want to learn about, recommended by Oprah’s Book Club, entitled “Caste”. It is written by Isabel Wilkerson where she tells the origin and existence worldwide, of racism and prejudice.

Again, thank you for the Zoom presentation in recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King week/month.


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