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What’s your music? What was your music? What’s y

By John Tuite
Posted: 02/05/2020
Here we are in March of 2020.  We’ve enjoyed the glorious presence of Venus in the western evening sky for most of February, and Spring is fully upon us.  I’ve wanted for a time to have us reflect and stir our minds, imaginations and experiences on the subject of music.

Music is remarkable for so many reasons.  It’s a creator of communities and countries.  There are anthems that stir peoples hearts and inspire courage, loyalty, and sacrifice.  There are marches that have for centuries reminded us of brave soldiers.  There are instruments, the fife, the drum, the bagpipe, and the bugle, which create the sound of battle memorialized.  
Music is ageless.  Latin may be forgotten and dead, but Mozart’s Requiem is as stirring and terrifying as ever played.  The bells and fireworks of the 1812 Overture still fit to any celebration of freedom and victory for centuries later.
Music is for lovers of all ages.  They still dance or, at least, hum to the music that accompanied their courtship.  It stirs their imaginations, their romance, their memory, their juices!
Revivals of old songs and musicals still play down the streets of Times Square next to the latest.
Jazz, Folk melodies, Blues, banjos, mandolins, Church organs, mouth organs, monkey grinders, Operas, Gregorian Chant, etc.,etc, etc…Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Carillons, drum sticks, tympani, records, 8-tracks, cassettes, iTunes….and Voices!!!
 What’s your music?  What was your music?  What’s your song?  What’s your genre?  Instrument? What’s your memory?  Tell us………
John Tuite

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