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Tell us what you’ve never told us before.....

By John Tuite
Posted: 03/04/2020
I’ve been thinking about the marvelous gift we all possess called imagination.  It allows us to project ourselves out into worlds, realities, and experiences otherwise unknown.  It triggers inventions, novels, symphonies, engineering feats, algebraic formulae, once in a lifetime paintings, architectural masterpieces, speeches.  And it offers us a way of seeing the wonder, majesty, and mysteries of the grand universe of which we are privileged to be citizens, even if only a morsel of a morsel of the universal reality.
My challenge today is to think deep and tell us what is the mystery, marvel, or wonder(s) that most makes you stop in awe, makes you question how it came to be, how you are worthy to be a part of the chain of events, how even the minuscule creature fits into the chain of universal life stream.
What is it that stirs your wonder no matter how it hides under the cover of ordinary?  Tell us what thoughts it triggers, what reminders and life experiences it brings to mind, what comparisons.
Tell us what you’ve never told us before.....
John T.

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