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Racial Impact of Diverse News

By Blog Master
Posted: 06/01/2022

Our next meeting is scheduled for this Friday, June 3rd, 10am Pacific time. There are many topics we can discuss. The mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas and the Russian war against Ukraine have been the top 2 topics of the news, but there is always more going on. In this same month, we are still recovering from the racially motivated shooting in Buffalo, NY. We still have the elections and changes in election laws across the country, with clear racial motivations. We also have the anti abortion movement across the entire country. The latter is not racially motivated but the impact on our citizenry is clearly disproportionate along racial lines. There is so much we can talk about to try and understand this world that we are all trying to cope with. We look forward to another lively and thought provoking discussion.

For our June 17th presentation, we have a change in plans. Our friend, Marcus Williams, has suffered an accident doing some home maintenance work and will not be available to give us his presentation. Fortunately, Pastor Lucious Smith, the Senior Pastor of the church, has stepped forward to fill in for Marcus. We are very grateful to the pastor and look forward to his presentation.

In July, for our third Friday presentation, we will have Brian Biery and his excellent presentation about how it was to grow up in racially mixed Pasadena. Some of you may have seen this presentation previously, but it is always new and fresh because of the way Brian presents and conducts the meeting.

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