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June Weddings, Summer, Father’s Day, and more

By John Tuite
Posted: 05/27/2021
Men's Time Topic Discussion for Tuesday, June 1st

Gentle Men of the Village, I welcome you to the month of June, 2021!  Juno, the Roman
mythological goddess, and Queen of the gods!  June brings summer, heat, morning gloom,
greater freedom from Covid constraints for Californians, the celebration of fathers and the
significance of Fatherhood, wedding events postponed since last year, family gatherings with members from afar not seen in a year or more!

Workers are giving up gym clothes and returning to their cubicles, some happy, some not
so…children going back to school, real school!, some happy, some not so…

Usually I struggle to find juicy subjects that will interest you.  Not the problem this time…there
were too many good topics to choose from…but could I catch their juice?  I still don’t know.
In one week from today Lynne and I celebrate the 53rd year from the day we took our vows! 
Marriage is on my mind.  We have all had the experience.  For some there are only departed spouses…you could tell the rest of us what the experience was/is like.  We all could reflect on what the deep meanings are of living and loving and committing our lifetime to another…I invite you to share and give us insight to your experience.

I, for one, still have a memory of that first thrill that comes with falling in love…the impact of
ordinary things shared…the excitement of simple surprises…little gifts…sunrises and sunsets…and the remarkable, but mature (i.e. old) experience that I still get from some of those same things!  I never thought of having a legacy, something I will leave behind when I go, but now I have a family, daughters and sons-in-law, grandchildren, whom I love and who love me, whom I belong to, and who belong to me, who record that I was here, and who will tell stories to the yet unborn about me and the love we had, share pictures of Lynne and me at celebrations that were highlights of our life together.  And those yet unborn will hope that they can carry on the tradition of Sunday night dinners with loved ones and share trivia and love and celebrate having a history.  It all eases the thought of dying!

So, lets share thoughts this morning of life as husbands, fathers, grandfathers, and men of
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