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Heritage, History & Memories Shape Us

By John Tuite
Posted: 02/23/2022

Men's Time Topic Discussion for Tuesday, March 1 


This is March! The month of the rising up of the Roman Senate to punish Caesar for his pride! The Ides of March are still remembered after some eighteen centuries for this dastardly deed, joined in even by his best friend, Brutus! Think of it… some history remains fresh for 2000 years!


It’s the month of March Madness for all the College basketball fans among us!


The Vernal Equinox occurs around March 20 or 21st. This is when the sun is directly above the equator making the day and night equal time.


And every March 17th we, especially those of Irish heritage, celebrate St.Patrick’s Day! Many of the Irish take this Holy Day very seriously, and give thanks for the many gifts of their heritage! Not least of these are the remains of the Celtic Spirit and spirituality which finds awe and worship in the mysteries of creation and the wonders of light and dark, fire and water, power and surrender, and the order of a seemingly chaotic universe. We honor our poets and playwrights for keeping this heritage alive.


Which leads me to ask you all where you came from? What heritage have you received from your peoples? Where did they come from? Why did they leave? How long have you been in the United States? Who were the heroes that your people honored? Who were your poets, your playwrights, your historians? Do you have anything left from your beginnings, even if you have been here for a number of generations? What did your peoples contribute to the “melting pot” of America? Did your people identify with your heritage in their early days? When did you “melt”?


Tell us about what history you still remember…it’s an interesting subject to me, and I hope to many of you, not just the historians!


John Tuite

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