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Welcome to our Caring Community

We're a group of friends, new and old, who gather together to enjoy events and activities that keep us active and healthy. In addition to a vibrant social calendar, we offer programs and services designed to support us as we grow older.

Members call the Village office to arrange transportation, household, and other services that make it easier to live independently in their communities of choice.

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The Pasadena Village provides friendship, volunteer opportunities, and practical services that allow members to remain engaged in their community. Members help one another to maintain their independence and avoid isolation, and volunteers are ready to provide extra assistance with tasks that are no longer as easy as they once were. We invite you to visit our Membershippage for more information about our many programs, services, and social activities.

Pasadena Village Community PodcastsNew! Pasadena Village Conversations Podcast

This is a recording of a conversation between Barry McCullough and Peggy Buchanan, Executive Director of Pasadena Village, and the subject is - What is Pasadena Village?

This is the first in a series of audio recordings (Podcasts) of Pasadena Village members, friends and associates who will be sharing their life stories and experiences with us.

The Village is not a place, but a way of living in community. Village members give what they can and receive help with what they need. Together, Village members and volunteers are creating a caring community of older adults who remain active and connected as they age in place. The Pasadena Village is NOT a home care agency or provider.

Getting involved is easy!

Call the Pasadena Village office to learn more.

(626) 765-6037

Hear our members share their reasons for becoming part of our caring community in:

Village Voices

The Pasadena Village story...

Special thanks to Village member
Patrick Dunavan for creating this film.

Come to
and visit with some of
these happy villagers!


Resources in the Pasadena Area

Pasadena Senior Center
Huntington Hospital Senior Care Network
Senior Commission of the City of Pasadena
Convalescent Aid Society
Area Agencies on Aging
More resources...


Village members received some great technical training from Poly Students who volunteered their time on Saturday, January 20th at the Village

The Tech Squad students from Poly School help Gabrielle McClain

A Poly Tech student lends his technical expertise to Agnete Olufsen

Magy Narinian and Sandy McDonnell get briefed by Poly Tech Squad

Lois Russell had one and one training with a tech student from Poly

Dave Folz, a techie himself, takes in more hints from a Poly student

Two heads are better then one for Dorsey Lawson

Village Members Jean Owen and
Dave Folz
battle it out with Ping Pong!

Members Mike Babcock, Bob Snodgrass and
Sally Shaw wait their turn to beat the winner!

If you are interested in joining this group, contact
Mike Babcock
or Dave Folz

Thank you Pasadena Community Foundation for
the grant to install our beautiful new cork floor!


Special thanks to our Founding Sponsor
The art of creating community

The Pasadena Village
236 W. Mountain St, #104
Pasadena, CA 91103
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Monday - Friday

"The Village is not a place to live, but a way to live"
There is always something exciting happening
for Pasadena Village members and their guests to enjoy.
We invite you to join us for coffee or one of our
educational programs.
We'd love to meet you!

Click here for membership application

Membership Application

The Application will download at the bottom left of your screen
If you are unable to download the application, please contact the Village office at
(626) 765-6037, and we will be happy to mail you one.




Pasadena Village Members enjoyed a lovely art exhibit on March 1, 2018 
by our very own 
Pasadena Village Member 
Elizabeth Jewell Butterfield


 Elizabeth is a mixed media art artist whose artwork clearly reveals her passion for a multitude of carefully chosen and unusual objects. The variety of materials Elizabeth selects might include anything from found discarded treasures to beautiful handmade papers with a tasteful mix of her own personal photography incorporated.
As well as being a talented artist, Elizabeth is also an amazing florist!





One Friday evening in February, seven Village Members received a special tour of a local business housed just up the road from the Village office.  
Greg and Karen Stark are the founders of 

Stark Spirits, a true handcrafted small-batch micro-distillery located on North Lincoln Ave. in Pasadena.  The visitors were treated to an educational tour of the small, spotlessly clean distillery, with the hand-hammered copper still manufactured in Spain taking center stage.  The Starks make whiskeys, rums, orange brandy, aquavit, and gin, paying close attention to every stage of the process.  Their products are sold locally at Mission Liquor in Pasadena, and are available on line.

After the tour, Village members were treated to tastings of each of their spirits.  All agreed they were a cut above the ordinary brands of alcohol. 
The Starks are happy to give additional tours of their business, so let us know if you are interested!
Call the Pasadena Village Office




Out and about at the Huntington Library and Gardens, where the Walkers enjoyed the beautiful cactus gardens in bloom, enjoying conversation and coffee at the pavilion after the walk.

Fun in the Sun 
at the Huntington Library
EZWalkers #2

EZWalkers #1


Travel on Public Transportation

A day at the Broad Museum and the 
Jasper Johns Exhibit

After traveling on the Pasadena Del Mar Gold Line station to the Chinatown station, the 7 Travel Buddies then transferred to the Dash B bus to arrive at the Broad Museum

But first lunch 
at the Colburn Conservatory
of Music Cafe before the exhibit

Then it was time for the Broad Museum
and the Jasper Johns Exhibit


On Saturday, February 14, seven Village
members joined Sue Kujawa at Families Forward, formerly known as Mothers’ Club, to read to a group of lively pre-school children, their younger and older siblings, and their parents, including two fathers.  The members met at the beautiful Families Forward learning center, adjacent to Jackie Robinson Center, where they received an orientation and a quick training on the book, song, and activity of the day.  Some members were surprised to learn a new song – “Head, shoulders, knees, and toes”, which proved to be a hit with the children, who already knew it, as well as a challenging exercise for the volunteers.

We broke up into two groups, with four Village volunteers working with 10-12 children and 4 – 5 parents.  Fortunately there were 2 additional experienced volunteers to help corral and entertain the children.  The book that was read was “Full, full, full of Love” about a young boy and his grandmother.  After the story was read, the children and parents made a picture frame out of decorated Popsicle sticks, complete with a photo of their family to put in the frame. Some of the highlights – watching the expert, Shizzie Akasaki, patiently working with a very active two year-old, keeping him happily engaged in building a block tower while the book was being read.  And then there was the dad who didn’t want to leave until he had finished his picture frame to his satisfaction. Everyone was impressed by the bright, energetic, gregarious children and their loving parents who overcame their shyness to talk with the volunteers.  We all agreed we need to do it again.



Villagers enjoy sharing their thoughts and ideas at the monthly Men's Time meeting

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Our latest Pasadena Village Newsletter November 2017 features articles about our members, volunteers, and recent activities. The VILLAGE NEWSLETTER - NOVEMBER 2017 is a collaborative effort, written by Village members, volunteers, and staff.

Member Corner

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Pasadena Village Brochure

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Pasadena Village 
236 W. Mountain St. No. 104, Pasadena Ca 91103
(626) 765-6037

Pasadena Village
Executive Director

Peggy Buchanan

Welcome to the Pasadena Village – I am so happy you’re visiting our website! Just so you are clear, we are not a place to live, but a way to live.


The Pasadena Village is part of a national movement – a growing one due to our rising population.  There are 300 active Villages with an equal number being formed, an exciting development with powerful implications.      


The Pasadena Village was founded in 2010 by a small group of friends and neighbors who wanted an alternative to retirement communities and nursing homes for themselves.  They created lists of the services that would help them live their lives in their own homes and their familiar neighborhood: support from friends (and making new ones), educational forums, cultural adventures, rides to stores and doctors’ appointments, referrals to home health care professionals, assistance with minor home maintenance and repairs, check-in telephone calls, and multitudes of other things.


We are a true grass roots, member based organization. We are self-governing and have a board of directors, an executive committee and several committees that keep our nonprofit Village moving forward. Our philosophy is based upon mutual support and active involvement by all members – even the smallest participation will enhance your happiness and life activities and that of our group.


The Village is not a social service organization, but one of support.  We cannot provide full time care or meals or manage your life, but we do have fun, learn, make new friends and help each other.  Our Village is a work in progress and changes according to members’ needs and choices.  If you want a group of people to join you for sketching in the park, hiking, birdwatching, discussing critical issues, you will find them here.  If you like to join others for dinner, share your art work, volunteer, come to a support group, this is your organization. 


I look forward to meeting you!


My best,