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Pasadena Village members can remain in their current homes or downsize or move into a retirement home and still maintain their relationship to the Village. Belonging to Pasadena Village provides an opportunity to observe others who are dealing with the same kinds of challenges, and to share successfull approaches to those challenges. It is a supportive learning environment. Retirement can be an intimidating, often traumatic experience. It can sever all sorts of relationships and obligations, leaving one often feeling adrift. Joining Pasadena Village helps you to prepare for retirement by creating familiarity, new connections, and a community environment to help you transition.

Pasadena Village, because it is transportable, can be with you in any location and can be a bulwark against isolation and disconnection. If a time comes for leaving your accustomed living space, the Village offers a familiar network to hold onto as you move to a new location, giving you support while learning the practical skills of living alone and facing something new in your life.

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Joining Pasadena Village before retirement gives you an opportunity to learn about the challenges you might face and to make some preparations for that major life change in advance. Making new friends, discovering new interests, exploring old interests that you previously never had time for, and learning new ways of thinking about your life and what it all means are just some of the benefits available to you.


In a recent presentation made to Pasadena Village, Mary Winners discussed the elements of life that contribute to longevity. Mary is a gerontologist, elder care expert, advocate, host of the weekly Visionary Aging livestream and founder of About Senior Solutions.  One of her key presentation points was that being among other people gives a sense of community and contributes in a significant manner to a longer and happier life.

For more information about other benefits of Pasadena Village, visit our Why Membership page.


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