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Finding and making new friends is a challenge when people are no longer engaged in earning a living, raising children, going to school, or involved with other social and professional commitments they had earlier in their lives. The connections that once offered opportunities for friendship have changed and finding and making friends after retirement presents a new and different challenge.

Pasadena Village is a wonderful place to find others with similar interests and who have the qualities you are looking for in a friend. Another way is to look for someone else who might need a friend, whom you can befriend. Offering friendship to someone in this way is not only a productive way to discover new friends, but often to discover them in unexpected places. 


Our members meet one another through social events and discussion groups that attract people interested in the same topics, and committees and teams where members work together to manage the affairs of the organization. All of these activities provide opportunities to meet people who are likely to become friends. Because of the dynamic method of forming new interest groups within the Village, it is easy to find others who share specific interests or particular needs — all it requires is to suggest an idea for an interest group to see if there are enough people within the membership who share that interest. We refer to these groups as our Small Group Gatherings and reviewing a list of these groups will provide an idea of the depth and variety of interests of our membership.

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 If you are seeking new friendships and activities in the Pasadena area, you can learn more about our community by attending one of our sessions of “Meet Me at the Village.”  We hold two sessions each month, where you can meet our staff and some of our members, get acquainted, and learn about our community. One session per month is in person at our office and the other is virtual, on Zoom. Call our office at (626) 765-6037 to sign up for one of our sessions. 

On our website at Village Voices, you can read what some of our Villagers have to say about why they joined, and what they gained from their participation. If you already feel that you are ready, you can join us via our website. For more information about other benefits of the Pasadena Village, visit our Why Membership page.


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