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Diversity and Inclusion

As a “community of communities”, Pasadena Village enables great diversity. Within its framework are people with very different life experiences and many different interests, which opens the door to sharing new insights and pursuits. The ease with which one can make new and varied acquaintances is one of the greatest benefits of belonging to an organization like Pasadena Village. Members of the Village come from many different communities and here they mingle—many people with a variety of life histories. That may be the most enriching and rewarding aspect of life in this intentional community.

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Some join Pasadena Village primarily to meet people, having moved from a previous location to this area, where they are not acquainted with anyone. Diversity in our membership increases the likelihood that newly arrived people can find other members who share their interests and values.  

Enriching friendships

One of our members, for example, was a college professor married to another college professor. Together, they had an active social life, but their group of friends tended to be other academics. This member felt a need to broaden her contacts and did so by joining Pasadena Village to meet people walking different pathways through life.

Diversity also presents challenges. In some cases, growth requires getting out of your comfort zone. One of our members, recognizing this, welcomed that challenge and joined Pasadena Village for that specific reason. 

Dealing with change

If the circumstances of our lives change and we are removed from our previous connections, an opportunity to meet new and different people becomes important. Membership in the Pasadena Village can be a positive response to that loss of connections. We are a diverse community with the stated intention of maintaining and increasing its membership diversity. This means that, going forward, new members will have ample opportunities to meet people with different perspectives based on their varied educational, professional and overall life experiences — and thereby enriching the lives of all members.


For more information about other benefits of Pasadena Village, visit our Why Membership page.


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