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There are so many ways to get involved with the Pasadena Village! Our Committees and Affinity Groups provide opportunities to make new friends while honing your leadership abilities. Below you will find numerous ways you can help run the Village. If you're not into leading, join an Affinity Group already started with others who share your interests.



Development Committee: Promotes the Village within the professional and business community in the Pasadena area to increase awareness and support of the Village; organizes fundraisers and annual appeals, solicits individual donors and pursues grant and foundation funding.

Executive Committee: Consists of the Board Officers; performs necessary work between Board Meetings and serves as a resource to the Executive Director.

Finance Committee: Develops the annual budget, monitors cash flow, and seeks to assure the financial health of the organization. Oversees the investments of the organization and ensures that restrictions on funds are recognized.

Governance Committee: Solicits and submits nominations to the full board to fill board vacancies, identifies specific needs of board membership, recommends criteria to evaluate directors continuing on the board.



Organized and led by members for small groups of members to come together around a common interest such as bird watching, book club, bridge group, hiking group, walking groups, writing group, Men’s time, Women’s support groups, ping pong group, discussion groups, sketching group, etc. Learn About Our Affinity Groups and how to start one or join one.


Educational Programs Committee: Arranges presentations by community professionals and experts addressing a wide range of subjects that would be of use or interest to older adults. The topics include legal, medical, and financial issues, as well as lifestyle, well-being, and other just plain interesting things suggested by members.

Cultural Activities Committee: Plans cultural and intellectual events and activities including Member Connections programs, Museum tours, theater outings, concerts, art exhibits at the Village office, Village Play Readers, documentary films, Travel Buddies, lectures on art, local history and food history.

Inclusivity Committee: Educates members about differences in cultural groups within the broader Pasadena community; supports activities to expand membership to reflect the cultural makeup of the Pasadena community.

Membership Committee: Provides outreach to potential members; promotes new membership by raising awareness of the Village at local community fairs and events; sponsors the monthly “Meet Me At the Village” event; increases visibility of the Village in the Pasadena community through innovative advertising; makes personal contact with new members to assure they are effectively navigating through all the Village activity options and to help them “fit in”; sponsors fundraising dine-out events to encourage members to invite friends, family and neighbors who are potential new members.


Social Connections Committee: Plans and executes social functions for Village members and assesses ideas for new activities. Plans potluck dinners, dining out at restaurants, the Annual Picnic, Neighborhood Gatherings, the monthly birthday celebrations, the Annual Holiday Party and Sing-a-Long and the quarterly Mix and Mingle which is held after Member Orientation meetings.

Support Assessment Team:

From time to time, members may need assistance beyond practical tasks, for themself, for another Village member, or for someone for whom they are caretaking. The SupportAssessment Team (SAT) is a group of Village members charged with following up with them by telephone or in person. Most problems, such as social isolation, can be addressed with existing Village programs and activities, but others may be more complex, especially if they involve challenges to independent living, such as temporary health issues requiring hospitalization or special in-home services. They may also include more long-term issues such as new physical limitations, declining mental acuity, or loss of a partner. The SAT endeavors to work with the Village member to help them find a solution. When issues seem significant to several members, the team may also sponsor educational programs, discussion groups, and support groups.

Volunteer Coordinating Committee: Recruits, trains, and recognizes Village and non-Village members for volunteer positions within the Village that require registration or vetting. Coordinates the annual Volunteer Recognition event and organizes new projects requiring volunteers.

Website Conversion Team: Analyses and reports on website performance, maintains the website, designs new pages after receiving information from appropriate committees, establishes standards for the look and feel of the website.


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