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The Pasadena Village is committed to helping older adults age in place. As a community of seniors from the greater Pasadena area, we offer opportunities for learning, personal development, creative activity, and social engagement. We help one another or call on volunteers to assist with small tasks like grocery shopping, household chores, technology and transportation to medical facilities.


Fill out a Membership Application Online or download a Membership Application PDF and return it to the Village Office. Contact us at 626-765-6037 or for more information.


Our offerings are determined by members’ needs. Our members run Affinity Groups such as discussions, seminars and walking and hiking groups. Our Committees plan cultural activities, social activities, educational programs and support groups for a wide range of needs. While helping to run our organization, these Committees and Affinity Groups offer opportunities for leadership and making new friends. Learn about our Support For Members here.


Many of our member services are provided by dedicated, pre-screened volunteers. Volunteers can be members or community people. Our ability to fulfill member service requests depends upon volunteer availability. In the event that a volunteer is not available or qualified to provide the requested service, we will refer the member to outside service providers. Learn about our Volunteer Program here.


Many of the benefits of membership are intangible – more things to do, broadening your world, making new friends walking the same path as you and having a secure sense of community. Some advantages are concrete: getting a ride, having a meal delivered, having someone fix a leaky faucet or change light bulbs, go out to dinner, attend an educational or cultural program, go hiking, play ping pong, write your memoir.


Membership fees are a crucial part of Pasadena Village's support but fund less than 30% of our mission and programs. Additional funding is generated from individual donations, foundations, and corporate support. 

Membership Annual Fees

Individual Household

Tier A $680 $960

Tier B $360 $480

Tier C $120 $180


Tiers Are Based on Income:

Tier A $55,000+ individual; 
$67,000+ household

Tier B $55,000-33,000 individual;
$67,000-40,500 household

Tier C Less than $33,000+ individual;
less than $40,500 household

Learn more about the Fee Structure here.


Fill out a Membership Application Online or

Download a Membership Application PDF 
and return it to the Village Office.
Call 626-765-6037 for more information.


We understand at this point you may not be sure about whether to join.
We have some thoughts about that. See some of our ideas about Not Ready? now.


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